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Woodworking Products Power Chisel

This purchase includes:

  • 710W Power Tool
  • 1 x 20mm Flat Chisel
  • 1 x 20mm Gouge Chisel
  • 1 x 15ml High Pressure Lubricant
  • 1 year warranty

710W - 120V Pre-Assembled Power Tool - North American Model.

  • 12,000 strokes per minute for a powerful, smooth action
  • Sealed Bearings for a longer life
  • All wearing parts easily replaceable

This product has not been reviewed yet.

The Power Chisel is the ultimate woodworker's sidekick. You simply let the motor do the work and guide the chisel in whichever direction you prefer. The Power Chisel does everything that a traditional hammer and chisel will, only easier and faster. The Power Chisel is so safe and easy to use that it is suitable for anyone to use, from kids to the professional woodworker.

  • Freehand power chiselling
  • Easy to use
  • Detailed and intricate work
  • Extremely safe
  • Anything hammer & chisel will do
  • Large range of high-quality chisels available
  • Detailing (letters, drawing lines, highlights, etc)
  • Click-system chisel change