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Woodworking Products


The first woodworking product designed and developed by Arbortech was the Woodcarver blade which was released to the Australian market in 1988. This woodcarving blade was designed to allow the user to sculpt and shape wood in any direction and be fitted to any small 100mm/4" angle grinder.

The release of the Woodcarver blade saw many woodworkers and the woodworking community excited about this new tool as it provided a major breakthrough for woodworking by offering an increase in productivity, without the restraints of only working with square edges.

From here Arbortech embarked on further research and development which culminated in a range of woodworking products and power tools. The Arbortech Mini-Grinder and Power Chisel have become very popular and renowned tools in the woodworking community proving these tool's design excellence, engineering and efficiency.

Arbortech's woodworking product range is marketed worldwide and we urge woodworkers everywhere to unleash their creativity with our tools.

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